Please go to the “Our Voice” page to read what Tammy and other autistic people have to say.



Michael Worth: Director

Eric Kaufman: Director of Photography

Richard Lightstone: Sound Mixer

Gillian Lightstone:  Slate “Clapper”

Kevin Maloney: Boom Operator

Vic Palumbo: Producer

Tammy Klein: Actor

Keri Tombazian: Actor

Caroline Wiliams: Actor

Kassi Crews: Actor

Nick Searcy: Actor

Alex Ballar: Actor

Michael Broderick: Actor/Producer

Jeff Elmassian: Composer

Digihearit: Publisher

Jay Friedkin: Editor

Carolyn Woods: Online and Color Correction

Lynn Luckoff: Producer

Mary Catherine Finney: Music Producer

Cody Boisclair: Closed Captioning

We are constantly blown away by the kindness and generosity that so many have shown us.  Thank you for sharing your talents with us.

We also want to thank Gigi Garner Management,  Endless Noise and Michael Raimondi from Union Editorial for their incredible generosity.

I can’t forget the adult autism community.  There are so many of you fighting for your voice to be heard in a conversation that has gone on too long without you.  Keep talking and we’ll promise to listen. 

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