All too often in the world of autism, celebrity and sex appeal are used to promote pseudo-science and personal agendas. wants to change minds, change the current media conversation and help give autistic people a more prominent voice in the conversation.  Up to this point, certain celebrities and some parents of autistic children have dominated the media with their miracle cures and unsubstantiated theories on causation. This exploits autistic people, their family members and the public.  Please join us.  Share the videos, read the blog and sign up to be part of our emailing list. Let’s change the conversation one video at a time.


Just because a person with autism may not speak, it does not mean they have an inferior intellect • Every reputable study has failed to find a link between vaccines and autism • Aversives, seclusion and restraint are unacceptable ways to treat a person with autism • No special diet has been proven to cure autism • School districts need to support inclusive education • Learn about the dangers of unnecessary chelation treatments • We should be more concerned about an autistic individual’s quality of life instead of preventing them from being born • Listen to self-advocates and learn about neurodiversity • Include the organized community of autistic adults when it comes to making legislation regarding their quality of life • Positive behavioral supports aimed at stopping harmful behaviors while respecting natural differences are a great way to help autistic people achieve quality of life.

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